8 productive things to do while in quarantine.

Since covid19 is spreading worldwide, an estimated 2.6 billion people – one-third of the world’s population – is living under some kind of lockdown or in quarantine. People who are quarantined are very likely to develop a wide range of symptoms of psychological stress and disorder, including insomnia, stress, anxiety, anger, emotional exhaustion, depression, and post-traumatic stress symptoms.  

However, some are benefiting from this quarantine to start their e-commerce business, learn a new language, rebuild family bonds, and even dive into digital platforms (and even sharpen their skills doing some Tik Tok videos.)

So, here are some worthy things to do during a quarantine

1. Learn a New Language

Who said you should go to an academy or hire a tutor to learn a new language?! All you have to do is watch some online courses or download any app that teaches you the basics of any language.

Why not start with the Chinese language! It has 982 million native speakers. Besides, by the year 2025, China will seem to become the world’s leading economy. This also means that China will become even more influential worldwide.

Spanish is another good option. It is one of the most widespread languages with around 330 million native speakers, while more than 420 million use it at least as their second language.

And, voila!! You have a new language in your pocket which will enrich your knowledge and resume.

2. Start Your Own Journal or Blog

Easy and free, all you have to do is sign up on WordPress and tada! your blog is ready. You can choose whatever topic to write about. Food recipes, health, movie reviews, etc. Take into consideration SEO and keywords while writing your article.

3. Learn Some Editing Techniques

Since you may start your own blog, why not learn some editing techniques? You can use many free apps such as Kinemaster, Vivavideo, and much more. Editing skills will help you in daily life. Learn to film, edit, add some text overlay for your business or for your social media accounts. Learn more about the steps to make your business video in this article.

4. Take Online Courses

Since we are in a digital media era, everything is available online for free or with a minimum charge. Take the online courses you like; it could be related to your major or even a passion you never had the time to elaborate it, many open sources will help you for sure. Personally, I am taking some online courses in cooking, because why not! You can bake a cake while creating some marketing strategies.

5. Start Your Own E-commerce Business

Why not start your own online business and earn some revenue!? The cost of clicks nowadays is less, people are focused on social media platforms. Since we are all staying home, we then scroll the web and check the latest trends, or even purchase some hygiene products or groceries.

By the way, it is totally normal and there is nothing unethical about it, but -small hint-if you want to sell some hygiene products, please don’t sell it 5x their usual price. We, business motion, can be your loyal professional communication partner and we can help you grow 😊

video production

6. Gather with Your Family

Due to the hectic life we are living, between work or even university, we were missing our family bonds. We missed sitting with our family, having dinner, and talking about our daily life. Now it’s the time where we can gather, chat, and rebuild these strong bonds. You can play some board games, watch movies, or cook together. You can do anything you love but never had time to do before.

7. Go to Your Kitchen

Since we didn’t have time to bake or cook food due to work or whatever, now it is the time to be introduced to some international cuisines and bake some yummy desserts. You will be introduced to new cultures and prepare delicious meals. It is also so enjoyable to cook together as a family.

8. Take Care of Yourself

Just relax and chill, take care of your body and mind. Don’t stress out, pass the bad and negative news, and focus on the bright side. Exercise, read a book, do yoga, or have a skincare routine.


These are a few things you can do. Discover new hobbies and seek knowledge in your free time.

And if you have anything in mind just write it in the comment section or engage with us on our social media platforms.

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