6 Video Marketing best practices

In the past years, the video boom has been simply phenomenal. In fact video is becoming the big marketing tactic for your business video. Video content is officially here to take over the digital landscape. This article will provide the best video marketing practices that you should apply for your video production company.

So why aren’t you using video? You might say: “Video is too complicated.” “It’s out of my budget.” “It’s not relevant to our market.” But you are wrong….Video is for everyone. Your competitors are using video marketing and so should you.

In addition, videos are everywhere these days. Remember that more and more companies (even the small ones) are turning to videos for their messages. Restaurants, hospitals, car dealerships, etc… are all using video marketing.

For this reason, you should set video as a priority and start including it in your marketing mix. But how can you make the most of it?

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Video Marketing Best Practices

1- Videos should be used inside your enterprise

In addition to using outward-facing videos, you should not forget the fact that video is just as effective when used within the organization. Internal audiences are very important and many types of videos can be used internally to improve productivity, collaboration and communication.

Learn more in one of our previous blog article about how to “Improve your corporate internal communication with video”, where you can find out that it’s worth considering video as a viable long-term solution for your internal communications.

2- More videos will be designed to play without sound

Given recent developments on social media platforms, removing the sound from your videos- or at least making it non-essential to convey your message- is becoming essential. Most videos on Facebook for example are played without sound, which presents a challenge for video marketers.

Therefore, if you want your videos to succeed, it’s important to use captions and on-screen graphics to grab your viewers by the eyeballs and communicate your message — even without sound. In addition, you might also consider implementing video transcripts to adapt to the current audience’s behavior. With an accurate transcript your video will also reach a better rank in Google.

3- Videos should be aligned to the buyer’s journey

People expect to find valuable information before making a purchase. Your videos can provide them with this information and help nurture them through the Buyer’s Journey and through your Sales Funnel.

Hence, the best video marketing strategy starts with a long term vision in mind, which is leading your customers with an assortment of videos throughout their buyer’s journey.

However, different videos perform differently throughout the sales funnel. That’s why it is important to choose the right type of video content for each stage of the funnel. Hence, for top of funnel (awareness stage), you can use educational videos and branded videos…, for middle of funnel (consideration stage), use product videos and explainer videos…, and for bottom of funnel (decision stage) use about us videos and testimonial videos…

But you should note that all videos should feature high quality content regardless of their type or where they fit into your sales funnel.

4- Repurpose your video content

After your video has been completed, you may find that you need to take that content and manipulate it for a new purpose, a new target audience, or a new form of distribution. This is called repurposing.

Repurposing your video content will save you time and money as you use video marketing for your business, and allows you to extend the value of your investment in video creation.

All the great videos you have produced can lead to other outstanding marketing material. Learn more about how you can repurpose your video content in our blog article: “5 ways to recycle and repurpose your video content”.

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5- Start using videos in your email marketing campaigns

Video and email make a great team. Incorporating video in your email marketing campaigns makes your emails more stimulating and interactive.

To convince you more, look at these statistics:

According to Forrester Research, including video in an email leads to a whopping 200-300% increase in click-through rate.

In addition, using the word “VIDEO” in the subject line of an email can increase open rates by 19%.

So given those compelling stats, you should start using videos in your emails to drive awesome results.

6- Going viral shouldn’t be the main goal of your video

Your videos don’t need to go viral in order to matter. Just create a high-quality video and cater to your target audience, because viral videos don’t make a long term impact, the way a targeted campaign does.

Additionally people tend to forget viral videos quickly.

So in order to get the most of your video marketing, focus on achieving a realistic goal rather than making “viral” the primary goal. So think about seeking prospects, leads and sales instead of seeking TRAFFIC.


The future of marketing has a play button on it. Video is a valuable marketing tool and one that shows no signs of slowing down.

So think of using video marketing wisely and follow the above tips that will help you as you plan and create your own video content.

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