6 Tips to Having a Proper Video Conference Call

A video conference call has enabled us to execute educational and business interactions online for a while now. It has evolved with new technologies being released, and have served to enhance the way we interact in online meetings more than ever before. It’s really amazing how far it has come in a matter of a few years! The widespread use of video conferencing is so impactful that 94% of businesses claim that video conferencing has increased their business’s productivity.

In this article, we’ll be giving you tips on having a proper video conference call.

The benefits of video conference calls have been seen during the COVID-19 pandemic that we are going through today, where The video conferencing platform Zoom has seen an average of 200 million daily meeting participants at the beginning of 2020, compared to the average of 10 million participants in December 2019. Facebook is on the rise when it comes to video conferencing, and there is a battle for the better happening today between the social media platform, and the video conferencing platform.

Without further ado, read along to get a better idea of the tips to having a proper video conference call.

1. Always prepare notes

Go into the video conference call with the notes you need to talk about. That way, you don’t miss any points you want to make. Knowing exactly what you want to talk about in concise points helps facilitate the conference so as to not take up too much time, or more specifically, the time of another participant. If you have this tip down, you’re on your way to having an awesome video conference.

2. Respect other participants’ turns

 In a video conference call, you are going to be a part of a group where each individual participant has something to say. Make sure your microphone is muted when others are speaking so as not to have any background noise from your workspace interfering with the sound of their voice. Listen to what they have to say until they mute their microphone, and it is your turn to speak, otherwise, the video conference call would be full of unwanted interruptions and faults. It really goes a long way to be mindful of other people’s speech; you get tremendous respect for it in return

3. Speak clearly

 When speaking into the microphone, make sure you speak clearly. This is not to be confused with speaking loudly if you want to be heard. Make sure you set the microphone levels to the right degree and use a professional tone of voice.

4. Be on time

It is crucial to be punctual in video conference calls, so when you have one scheduled, make sure not to be tardy. Being on time and formally introducing yourself to the person or people already in the video conference call before it begins, shows dedication and the required amount o professionalism to carry out the call you are participating in.

5. Wear appropriate clothing/jewelry

 Wear appropriate clothing when entering an online video conference call, something with colors that the camera can process. Wearing striped shirts or confusing patterns will result in you not being viewed clearly by other participants and that’s not what we are going for. When it comes to jewelry, wear small items so as to not come off as too flashy or casual. Do not wear large items so as not to come off as unprofessional to other participants or any executives you might be speaking to during the video conference.

6. Use the software appropriately

When dealing with technical errors such as your voice being too loud, or your visual being faulty, make sure to properly navigate through the software and check your microphone levels to detect any static or noise clips, and make sure your camera is running, up to date and at the appropriate angle.

Bearing these tips in mind will enable you to carry out your professional and educational video conference calls with capability and skill, make sure you use them in your upcoming video conference and take your business to the next level.

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