6 guidelines to choosing a video production company


Choosing a video production company for your business’s next video project can be tricky. Given the large number of production companies out there, it is really hard to shortlist and choose the right one that will best suit your requirements, and help you reach your video ambitions.

Every company will claim to offer you the best creative work, but remember, just because a business carries the label of “video production company” does not guarantee quality scriptwriting, conceptualization, editing, music selection.

So here are 6 things for you to consider when choosing a video production company.

1. Make sure to check the company’s portfolio 
Quality of work is the most important factor when deciding which video production company to choose. A professional production company will always have a portfolio and samples of its work available online for you to view and check the quality of their video production.

Always explore the company’s portfolio on its official website and social media platforms to watch their latest video projects, the type of work and the different video styles they’ve done, and analyze accordingly if their video production meets your brand´s needs.

Recent projects deliver an accurate representation of the current equipment and talent they’ll bring to your project, and this way you can ensure the videos they produce meet your standards.

2. Check the client list, reviews and testimonials

A video production company’s client list is usually a good indicator of the breadth and depth of their video marketing work. If the company has worked with various clients from different industries, this is a good indicator.

After checking the client list, read their online reviews and testimonials, which are often the truest way to determine whether or not the company is reputable.

Head to their Google reviews as well as their Facebook page reviews … to find out what their clients really think of them! The feedback from past clients of a video production company can be utilized to check its reliability and gives an essence of their engagement, team work and versatility.

Then go to the company’s testimonials page which are also valuable. Testimonials and case studies are always a good indicator of previous customer satisfaction, especially if they have video testimonials!

3. Is the company anxious about your project?

It is important that the video production company takes genuine interest in your project. You want to feel secure that the company is truly passionate about your video.

The ideal video production company must get to know you and your company, and will take the time meet with you to ask questions about your business, mission, target audience, business goals. This means that they want to make your project as good as possible and will do their best to make your video a success.

4. Know your budget
No matter what your budget is, you’ll always be able to find someone to create videos for you: a college student who performs video production services on his/her own time, or even a beginner company or a professional company that has been doing video production for years.
Just know that the production quality of the above 3 options won’t be the same. So if you have the budget to work with a professional video production company, like anything else, you really get what you pay for. And if you choose the cheaper option, make sure that you are going to sacrifice some quality!

5. Open Communication

If video is a communication tool, then you want to make sure that the video production company knows how to communicate!

The company you choose should be capable of establishing and maintaining fluid communication with you. Make sure they´re capable of keeping an open dialogue with you, guide you through the entire video production process, inform you at every stage of production and give you responses to all your queries.

6. Obtaining a complimentary video consultation is a must

The final thing to consider when choosing a video production company is that obtaining a complimentary consultation is a must. The video production company should immerse itself in your corporate culture and focus on really understanding your objectives, thus recommending the best marketing communication solutions.

As your video production consultant, the company should advise you on whether animation or live action or a mix of genres are best for your goals. It should even empower you with insight into the best ways to distribute your video online so you can reach as many people as possible.


Taking the time to thoughtfully consider your ideal video production company will help you complete your project successfully and avoid a final video that doesn’t accurately represent your brand or tell the right story.

People equate the quality of your business with the quality of your video. Therefore, choosing the right video production company makes a big difference.

At Business Motion, we are specialized in video marketing, video production, and video consultancy, and we understand your needs. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service that results in high satisfaction rates.

Contact us today if you’d like to discuss an upcoming video project.


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